Paper Boat Template

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been pulling together ideas for a co-op class on Pirates. I really liked this idea for making pirate ships from juice boxes.  But after trying a couple different kinds of paint I couldn’t find one that would cover the juice box design with just one coat. If I were doing this project at home with Mikayla, that wouldn’t be a big deal. We would just let the “ship” dry and add additional coats as needed. However, with a class of 14 kids and not much time for waiting between coats I needed something that only had to be painted once.

So in a moment of middle-of-the-night-thinking, I came up with this (very) simple Boat Template. It works perfectly and should be easy enough for kids to do with minimal guidance.

Step 1: Print template on cardstock or other heavy paper and cut on the gray line. You’ll make two boats per sheet. 2016-01-20 15.26.05

Step 2: Fold the bottom edge to the top blue line and crease the fold well. Open and repeat with the opposite edge.2016-01-20 15.26.34

Step 3: Pinch the red dotted line to form a “W” shape on each end.

Step 4: Staple ends.

And there you have it! Paint or decorate as you wish. I intend to finish the boats by cutting a sail out of scrapbook paper, a skewer or tiny dowel rod for the mast and a bit of modeling clay to hold the mast in place inside the boat. Or you can use the finishing instructions from Se7en and her juice box boats.

Click here to download the Boat Template. Happy sailing!


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