We Have to Go Back!

Remember when we cancelled cable? It was the first week of April. Exactly 5 months ago.

I had hoped that by canceling cable we’d become overall healthier, happier people. I had visions of sitting around the table playing Dominos as a family. Or solving crossword puzzles together. Mikayla would completely forget about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And we’d all watch a lot less tv.

Yeah…none of that happened. 

I don’t know how its possible, but we actually watched more tv without cable. Mikayla still cries for Mickey’s “Cwubhouse”. And we don’t even own Dominos or crossword puzzles.

After 5 months, we still really miss cable. Maybe this tells you the quality of people we are. Maybe this paints us as lazy, good-for-nothin’, tv-holics. So be it.

I don’t know if it was missing the first week of football or watching seasons 1 & 2 of Downton Abbey for the 4th time but we finally decided to re-activate our cable.

When I talk to people about getting rid of clutter and clearing out the junk, we usually focus on getting rid of the unnecessary stuff – the clutter. But the flip side is determining what things you will keep – things you NEED, things you USE, things you LOVE.  You need clothing. Your child uses toys and books and puzzles. You love family photos and heirlooms. Things your family needs, uses or loves should be kept – its not necessarily the same items for every family.

Am I saying our family loves cable? Yes. Yes I am. Feel free to judge our shallowness.

At least I’m being honest about it, right? I could’ve just re-activated our cable and let you go right on believing we were spending our time working a 10,000 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzle and playing a 3 month long game of Monopoly.


2 responses to “We Have to Go Back!

  1. Jim Woods (@unknownjim) September 4, 2012 at 10:25 AM

    Well, at least you admit it 🙂 If you took away my King of Queens DVD’s, I’d have to go back too though. So I kind of am admitting I’m like ya’ll. Kind of 🙂

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