Reading Review: I Need a Bunker, Again

The Maze Runner series by James Dashner

Why do I read books about the end of the world? I know it’s going to make me paranoid. I know I’m going to want to dig up our back yard and plant a bunker. I know I’m going to want to hoard canned tuna and water so that when “the big one” happens we won’t die. But I love them!

In this series, the end of the world as we know it was caused by solar flares which scorched the earth’s surface killing much of the population and making much of the land unlivable. It also caused the release of a deadly virus that slowly eats away at your brain until you turn into a zombie-like crazy person who wants to eat other people.

A handful of teenagers may hold the key to developing a cure for the deadly virus known as the Flare. But to succeed they must endure countless horrific challenges and tests. However, they are not willing subjects in this search for a cure but they are forced to participate by their captors. They face monsters and liquid metal that melts your head off and blistering sun and Flare-infected crazy people and the deaths of friends – all for the good of the many. What value are the lives of the few if they can save the human race as a whole.

This is a three book series. The first two books, in my opinion, were fantastic. The third book was a bit less “keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat”. But it was still a great book and I like the way it completed the series. I would love to see an epilogue in the future about how life on earth turned out after the end of this series, but I think James Dashner is just going to leave that up to our own imaginations.

Incidentally, a prequel to the Maze Runner series, The Kill Order, was released yesterday. I don’t think it’s necessary to understanding the original series, but I’m looking forward to reading it all the same.

Question: Do you read books that make you paranoid? What are you reading this summer?


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