Closet Donation Basket

One of my favorite tools for maintaining a clutter free home is the Closet Donation Basket. I’ve written about closet clutter before, and mentioned the donation basket as a helpful organizing tool, but it’s worth mentioning again. The basket in my closet is currently full so we will be bagging it up to donate sometime this week.

Once you go through your closet and get rid of all the stuff you haven’t worn since 1997, you simply place some sort of basket in the floor. This container (mine is a collapsable clothes hamper found in the dollar isle at Target) provides a convenient place to “remove” unwanted or unworn clothes immediately, as soon as you notice them. Rather than only cleaning your closet once every 3 years (or whenever you decide your sick of the mess) you can purge as you go.

At the end of each season take five minutes to flip through your clothes. Are there shirts you didn’t wear at all? Toss them in the basket. Pants that don’t fit quite right anymore? Toss them in the basket. A sweater that you swore was beautiful at one point but you aren’t exactly sure why now? Toss it in the basket.

You get the idea.

Here’s the key to making this really work – don’t bring in more than you send out.

In other words, if you purge your closet of three unworn items then purchase 10 new items, you are adding clutter not removing it. There has to be a balance of purging and buying. You have to decide how many and what items you need and then stick to those boundaries. Excess is simply clutter. Allow someone else to have your excess so you can enjoy a clutter free wardrobe.

Question: What’s something you can give away this week?


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