Fast Moving Technology

Let’s talk about cameras. I’m most definitely not the person to talk to if you want to know about the latest and greatest cameras available. But I do know that what was hugely popular and wildly advanced last year is probably old and out-dated by now. Or will be soon.

Just before Mikayla was born we bought a video camera. Because…every parent needs a video camera. It uses those tiny little discs. It’s a fine camera but it’s kind of a pain to get the recorded material from the camera to the computer.

A couple years ago we bought a new digital camera that records HD video. Not top of the line but better than the video camera we already had. We held onto the video camera not knowing if we’d ever need it. But really, what with smart phones and all, we hardly even use the better digital camera. So, we definitely aren’t going to use the kind-of-a-pain video camera. Time for it to go. Sold it in the yardsale to a really obnoxious, loud woman who apparently never learned to use her inside voice. But, I was happy to sell it to whomever was willing to buy it.

Got any old technology lying around? What do you do with it?


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