Reading Review: Scared Silly

Vanish by Tom Pawlik

Five complete strangers wake up in Chicago to find the rest of the city empty. Everyone they know and love has completely vanished. It doesn’t take long before they notice they’re being followed and watched by what appear to be aliens. Nightfall brings more terror when the aliens begin attacking them and picking them off one by one.

Once I finished the book, I enjoyed it. It was really well written and definitely kept my attention. The problem was that it was terrifying. Before the end – before you find out what is actually happening – it is really, really scary. Even after you know what’s happening its difficult to get the graphic images of the aliens out of your head. Or, at least, for me.

And, just to add a bit of excitement, a few hours after I finished reading this our power went out. And stayed out for about 18 hours. 18 hours of terror. I can handle scary as long as Mike isn’t out of town and I can leave/turn lights on as needed. With no lights…I was seeing aliens everywhere.

This is coming from a complete and total chicken. I’m not known for my bravery or lack of paranoia. So, not everyone will find Vanish as disturbing as I did. It really was an enjoyable book…if you aren’t afraid of shadows.

What are you reading this month?


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