One Man’s Clutter is Another Man’s Treasure

Several years ago I bought this corner shelf to put in our kitchen. I didn’t need a shelf for storage or anything it was just an odd empty corner that I felt needed something. I like the shelf but I never could figure out what to put on it.

At first I put some decorative stuff on it but then Mikayla started crawling so I had to clear off the bottom two shelves. Then I got tired of dusting the stuff on it. Then the iHome that was on it broke. Pretty soon it was just an empty shelf.

You know what’s worse than an empty corner? An empty shelf in that corner. It just screams, “This corner is SO empty and we don’t know what to do with it!” So I gave up. Sold the shelf in the yardsale. It was actually the very first item we sold at approximately 25 minutes before our advertised start time while everything was still piled in the garage. But that’s another story.

Got something that’s not working for your space? Why not sell it to someone else for their space?


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