The Things We Find

Guys… this was in the closet under the stairs.

I used to love it. I remember when either Mike or I won it at an auction at work a long time ago and we were both really excited about it. We hung it in our house and thought it was the greatest thing ever. When we moved houses we took it down and brought it with us but never could find that perfect place.

It’s been under the stairs for like 8 years – or however long we’ve lived here. Really? Couldn’t find somewhere to hang it in 8 years but just maybe someday we’ll walk into a room and think, “You know what this room needs? A giant picture of a palm tree.”

I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either and it really just doesn’t go with the “decor” of our house. It’s time for it find a new home. I’m sure it will make some sad room somewhere shine with it’s palm-tree-ness.

You’re holding on to weird decorative items too aren’t you? I know you are. Why not set them free? And then come tell me what they are so I know I’m not the only one.


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