Healthy Purse Habits

Over two years ago I posted about cleaning out a closet to get rid of a dozen-ish bags and purses. Looking back at those pictures I’m shocked that I ever held on to that many bags. How many can you really use at a time anyway?

Just to show you that good habits can take the place of bad ones, I thought I’d update you on the purse situation. I have my every day bag, of course. I’ve held on to two diaper bags (one full size-ish and one tiny one) just incase I ever need them again and because I absolutely love these bags and can’t seem to part with them. I have a back pack for outings with Mikayla and a small shoulder bag for the same reason. When in public with Mikayla it’s best to have two free hands at all times. And I have my laptop bag. That’s it.

Writing that list out makes me feel like it’s still a lot of bags but I do use them all from time to time (except the diaper bags though one is a backpack that Mikayla could use at school next year). And they are all bags I really like and I’ll use for a long time.

How do I keep the purse addiction in check? First of all, I don’t shop for bags. Secondly, if I do shop for a new bag I follow the one-in-one-out principle. This way, I don’t just accumulate more bags and I can choose which one I like best – do I like the one I already own or do I like the new one enough to spend the money AND part with the old one? Usually I keep the one I already have.

This past winter I purchased a new “winter bag”. I liked it ok but not enough to keep and use again next winter. It was too floppy. I couldn’t find anything in it because it would just fold in on itself and I couldn’t see inside. So rather than storing it for 12 months and then deciding to get rid of it, I went ahead and put it out with the yardsale stuff. No reason to take up space in the closet.

Do you have any collections that need to be thinned out? How do you keep from accumulating too many?


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