O’ Christmas Tree

Mikayla LOVES Christmas trees. Quite possibly her favorite thing on the planet. So every Christmas we put a small tree up in her room. I hate that tree. It was the cheapest available and it is horrible. The branches are the wrong size. It’s impossible to find a “good side” to face the front. You get the idea.

So, this past Christmas, on the “annual day after Christmas early morning shopping trip” I happened to find a lovely new tree that was 50% off. Perfect.

I tried to sell the old one at our yardsale. And, I tried to sell it at a friend’s yardsale. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s horrible. Or, no one wants to buy a Christmas tree in May. We donated it with the rest of the yardsale items that didn’t sell. I don’t know how nice of me it is to donate a tree I think is horrible but hopefully someone more creative than me can make something lovely out of it.

What’s something you can remove from your home this week?


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