Simple Joys of Childhood

I know I’m getting “old” because I often gauge my enjoyment of activities by how much clean up will be involved. Kids don’t think about the mess, they just play. I, on the other hand, worry about getting mud stains out of clothes or wonder if that bug is poisonous if Mikayla eats it or am annoyed if my day is inconvenienced by an unexpected downpour.

Sometimes, I think I should be more child-like.

Instead of tapping my foot in frustration as the train s-l-o-w-l-y goes by, I should marvel at how it works and where it’s going and what it’s hauling.

Instead of worrying about the mess I should jump in the mud puddle too.

Instead of cringing away in disgust I should catch bugs and frogs and be amazed at God’s infinite imagination.

Instead of watching from the doorway I should play in the rain. Who cares if it means a little extra laundry.

Instead of being too busy I should take note of people I encounter and make an effort to smile and be friendly.

I should be more like a child (well…except for maybe the frogs).


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