Kitchen Clutter

It seems the kitchen is the easiest place to gather clutter. Not only is it an easy place to drop whatever is in your hands and pockets at the end of the day but it also tends to accumulate various utensils that promise to be of use someday. The kitchen is also one of the most used places in the home and as such should be kept as clutter free as possible.

We had a yardsale several weeks ago and in preparation I did a de-cluttering sweep of our kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Friends had given us a new set of glasses at Christmas. I kept the previous set (or what’s left of them) just because I didn’t really have anywhere to put them. But a yardsale is a perfect opportunity to remove clutter such as this from your home.

I also found a few random utensils hidden in the bottom of drawers or backs of cabinets that were not being used by us but perhaps would be useful to someone else.

The hardest thing to part with was my pretty flowered glasses. I don’t particularly love them anymore, it was more a matter of pride. A couple years after Mike and I got married I bought TWO SETS of them on sale. When I got home Mike insisted I’d never use them and that I’d wasted the money. I, in return, insisted that I would use them often and that it was a wonderful use of the money. Fast forward 8 or so years…I’ve never used them. Not one time. Time to admit that he was right and give up the joke that I’ll ever use them. At least I was able to sell them to regain some of those wasted dollars.

What can you remove from your kitchen this week?


2 responses to “Kitchen Clutter

  1. ellavenezia May 25, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    Chrystal- Getting rid of clutter is so freeing, isn’t it?! Dropped by your blog from Unknown Jim’s and I’m so glad I did. -Ella

    • Chrystal May 25, 2012 at 10:54 AM

      Thanks Ella! And, yes, “freeing” is a good word. I’ve found that it’s not just physical space you free up, there’s an emotional connection to all that stuff and it’s nice to be able to let go of that.

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