My Running Days Are Over

…well, mostly.

When running, one needs gadgets. Some of these gadgets may have legitimate uses and others are just to help us stay motivated over those seemingly endless miles of pavement. Since I never again in my life plan to run anything over a few miles, these two gadgets are no longer needed.

The water bottle / fanny pack combo, while admittedly un-cool, was possibly the most useful running gadget I used. It had a little pocket for my key or GU. If you don’t know what GU is, consider yourself lucky. And I liked always having water with me rather than hoping all the fountains were actually working.

This watch/pedometer thing would have been really cool. Buuuuut, I could never quite get it calibrated correctly. It was supposed to track your distance and pace and such, but it didn’t really work for me. A more expensive watch with GPS capabilities would’ve been better but then I’d be stuck with an unused $350 watch instead of just my $50 version.

Regardless of how much stuff cost or how valuable they once were – unused is unused. I will never again run a distance long enough to need either of these things. Perhaps some other ambitious runner will get some use from them.

What unused item can you get rid of this week?


2 responses to “My Running Days Are Over

  1. Laura McClellan May 16, 2012 at 11:35 AM

    You’d be so proud of how much I am getting rid of this week at our yard sale. 🙂 Seriously, I went through our house yesterday and filled up our guest room with nonsense we don’t need anymore. Ridiculous. There was stuff from old roommates in my attic which I fully intend on making money off of. haha.

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