Cutting Cable

As you may know, I’m currently working on a project to remove the clutter and excess in our home. Each week I try to give away or sell or throw out at least one thing. This week… we cancelled our cable.

Crazy? Maybe. Weird? Probably. Oddly terrifying? Definitely.

I am literally afraid to be without television. (Perhaps this would’ve been reason enough to get rid of it.) The thing is, we aren’t swearing off TV – we’re just canceling cable…and On Demand…and DVR. We are trading it in for a Hulu+ membership. And I’m worried about missing something.

Isn’t that crazy?! I’m so invested in television (something that isn’t real, by the way) that I’m actually worried about missing something. But I’m also hopeful that this will be good for us, healthy even. We watch far too much TV, including Mikayla. Though our main motivation for this switch was financial, I expect we will benefit in other ways as well. Not the least of which will be burning fewer brain cells on reality shows and, my personal favorite, NCIS marathons.

So, here’s to less TV and more…whatever people do when they aren’t watching TV.

Question: What’s something you can remove from your home this week?


5 responses to “Cutting Cable

  1. Candice April 4, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    We’ll have to see what we can find. We are cleaning out the garage today and tomorrow! Getting ready to donate to the Guatemala yard sale!

  2. unknownjim April 4, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    We cut cable I think about 2 years ago. To us, it’s just NOT worth over $2 dollars a day. Not to mention the time-suck that it is. You’ll be fine. I PROMISE. There’s Hulu, Redbox, and Netflix if you need a TV or movie fix.

    You now have more time to write. More time to do whatever you want! Give it a few months and I bet you’ll be glad you cut the cable!!!

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