Done with Diapers

Continuing with my project to eliminate clutter and the “excess” we live with, this week I have removed the Diaper Genie.

Before Mikayla was born we were given the Diaper Genie as a shower gift and it has quite possibly been my favorite “baby gear” item – definitely the most used. I know there are many differing opinions on diaper disposal. I know some people believe the Diaper Genie is an extravagant waste of space. Strong opinion for a diaper trash can? Maybe, but you might be surprised at the strong opinions parents tend to form (and share) about the littlest of details.

Anyway, I have loved the Diaper Genie. For me it was super convenient, sanitary, and contained the smell of those precious little diapers.

Now that Mikayla is potty trained, mostly, we really don’t need the Genie. So, out it goes. I can’t decide if I’ll send it to the yard sale pile or store it with other baby gear. But, either way, it will be moved to the garage and out of our house.

Question: What’s something you can remove from your home this week?


2 responses to “Done with Diapers

  1. Donna March 29, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    You know you will need one again?.

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