Singing with Elmo

One of Mikayla’s favorite characters is Elmo. She loves all things Disney, of course, but Elmo is right up there with Mickey on her list of best things ever. Grapes, chocolate, macaroni and flashlights are also on that list, in case you were wondering.

For Christmas, my parents got her the Let’s Rock Elmo. Think Tickle Me Elmo, but with drums. He has a little microphone that he holds while he sings. And, as annoying as his squeaky little voice can be, Mikayla loves to sit and sing with Elmo. Over and over and over and over and over…

A few days ago I peaked in on her and she had her microphone too. She would sing into it and then hold it for Elmo to sing. It was absolutely adorable. So, I thought I’d share a picture.

Hey, I’m a mom. It’s what I do.

On a related note, after church this past Sunday morning. Mikayla reached up on stage and grabbed a mic someone had laid on the floor. Before I could grab it she put it to her mouth and screamed, “Rock and roll, baby!” I was soooo thankful it had already been turned off.

What’s a character your kids like that you find annoying? Do you limit their exposure to preserve your sanity, or just go with it?


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