Playtime Fun: Rice Box

I’ve had a couple friends recently put together a rice box to keep their toddlers entertained. And, by “rice box”, I mean they got some rice and dumped it into a box. Super complicated…I know. But the crazy thing is that their kids love it!

So, I thought I’d get a box and some rice for Mikayla. She loves it too!

My plan is to make this an outdoor activity. Partly because being outside makes for easy clean up. But mostly because we need some outside time. Mikayla loves being outside. I’d just rather she play with fake bugs than real ones while she’s out there.

I got a 28 quart plastic tub – the “under the bed” kind so it’s shallow – and a 10 lb. bag of rice. Added some fake bugs, a bucket and a scoop – all from the $1 isle. A few hot wheels and mini Toy Story characters (or anything from your child’s toy stash) give her something besides bugs to play with. And, viola … a rice box.

A plastic tablecloth (or sheet or blanket or towel) underneath makes it easy to dump spilled rice back into the box – or shake it out into the yard.

Of course, playing with your hands is simply insufficient. Why just use your hands when your feet could also be in the rice. Or your arms or legs or hair…

And our dog Emma thinks its great fun to eat the kernels of rice that spill out of the box. Who knew one simple box could provide so much fun for everyone!

What are some other simple activities that kids love? I’d love some ideas for this summer.


3 responses to “Playtime Fun: Rice Box

  1. unknownjim March 16, 2012 at 2:54 PM

    My 2 year old loves nothing more than a diaper box. I kid you not. It becomes a fort, airplane, firetruck, seat, toybox, etc. Man she loves having an empty box!!

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