An Empty Shelf

I’m currently working on a project to eliminate clutter and reduce the “excess” that we live with. Each week I want to remove one item from my home. It may be something I would truly consider to be clutter – something completely unnecessary for our lives. Or, it may be something that I just think is excessive – something we don’t need but perhaps someone else does.

This week I did more “putting away” than “getting rid of” – but with the same goal in mind. We have purchased a ton of movies for Mikayla. Some of them she can’t really even watch yet because they’re either scary or just too mature for her to understand. This is definitely more my fault than Mike’s. I think I just remember LOVING all the Disney movies as a kid and wanted Mikayla to grow up with ALL of them.

However, giving a three year old full reign over 50+ movies leads to: 1. way too much TV watching, 2. a bunch of scratched DVDs, 3. a spoiled kid. So, we’ve thinned out the collection a bit. Setting aside some movies to be sold in the next yard sale or given to friends. The rest I’ve boxed up. Leaving only a few out for Mikayla to watch. I plan to rotate the selection every so often so that the movies stay fresh and new and exciting. As she gets older, her access to the movie collection can increase but for now I think limiting her movie choices is probably best.

And, now we have emptied an entire DVD shelf. I don’t want to get rid of this shelf – because it’s a good shelf. But I think I’ll move it to the garage/laundry room and re-purpose it for a better use. This still removes it from our general living area and allows it to work for us in a better capacity.

Question: How much TV do your children watch each week? Do you think they should watch less or are you happy with their screen time?


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