Reading Review: Dragons are Scary

The Oath by Frank Peretti

I love Frank Peretti but his books usually scare the snot out of me. There’s always some supernatural, demonic activity woven through the fictional stories that makes you want to leave all the lights on at night. In The Oath a man-eating dragon has terrorized a small mining town for a century – only now it’s too big to stay hidden and it’s killings are becoming more frequent. One man tries to reveal the dragon and destroy it but he is continuously fought by the local townspeople who are trying to conceal and protect the beast.

While this is a fictional story, there are truths that apply to real life. The dragon represents sin and the hold it has on our lives. When we welcome sin into our lives we grow complacent and eventually we grow to love the sin, to view it as safe. We trick ourselves into thinking it’s not so bad, that the sin might actually be good. And, in the end, it leads to pain and destruction and death.

This is a great story, as are all of Peretti’s books. If you like suspense and mystery and aren’t easily spooked, I’d recommend The Oath. Check it out on Amazon.

What are you reading right now?


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