Office Anyone?

Last week I started a project to eliminate clutter and reduce the “excess” that we live with. Each week I want to remove one item from my home. It may be something I would truly consider to be clutter – something completely unnecessary for our lives. Or, it may be something that I just think is excessive – something we don’t need but perhaps someone else does.

This week’s elimination – The Office seasons 1 through 4 on DVD.

Don’t get me wrong, The Office is a fantastic show. We DVR it weekly. But if you’re going to own four seasons on DVD, shouldn’t you own all the seasons? I mean…what good is only four seasons of a show that’s been on for eight? And, I don’t want to own all eight seasons. As much as I like watching the show from week to week, I’m NEVER going to go back and re-watch the entire series.

Full disclosure – the fourth season hasn’t even been opened. It has sat on our shelf for who knows how many years and it’s never even been opened. Clearly, this should not be taking up space in our home. It has been moved to the yard sale pile in the garage. Hoping one of my friends has a yard sale soon so I can take my stuff to their house and won’t actually have to do any prep work to sell it.

What about you? What is one item you can remove from your home this week?


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