Poor Baby

Don’t you hate it when your kids are sick? It’s awful knowing they feel miserable and there’s nothing you can do. Mikayla had a cold that turned into an ear infection and strep – so she was rather puny for a while.

This is how we watched the Superbowl. At home. With no party. Snuggled up on the couch. And, yes, she’s really asleep not just faking. Shocking, I know. Mikayla hasn’t napped in almost a year – probably since May (maybe June) of last year. And even then naps were forced on her against her will.

She must’ve felt really bad to voluntarily close her eyes and sit still long enough to fall asleep.

At times like this I’m thankful for antibiotics and the smart people who make them. I’m also thankful for these moments of snuggling and cuddling – even if we do have to watch the Superbowl (and it’s commercials) at home by ourselves.


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