Reading Review: Hunger Games

It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Huger Games series. I first read the books last year and they were phenomenal. Then when I saw the first trailer for the upcoming movie I wanted to read the books again. Re-reading a book right before the movie releases is usually a bad idea. The movie is never as good as the book (although, this one looks quite promising) and they don’t follow the details exactly and if the book is still fresh in your mind chances are you won’t enjoy the movie as much.

But I couldn’t resist. Everyone around me seems to be reading the books right now and I gave in. I re-read the series. It’s only three books and they are very easy to read – partly because they are so good you have a hard time putting them down and party because they are written for a much younger audience. But don’t let the target audience fool you into thinking these are cheesy children’s books. From the very beginning the story is cruel and terrifying and unfair and yet beautiful at the same time.

The story follows a teenage girl’s mission to first save her sister then to save her friend and then eventually to bring down the entire corrupt government thereby saving an entire nation. I absolutely loved reading through the books a second time. Details in the beginning of the story had so much more significance because I knew how they fit together later. And, because I already felt somewhat invested in the characters it was more meaningful and enjoyable.

This is definitely a series I would recommend. You can find them in pretty much every store everywhere. But they’re also on Amazon.

If you’ve read the Hunger Games, what are your thoughts on the upcoming movie?


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