The Toddler Teacher

When Mikayla was first diagnosed with Williams Syndrome we had several well-meaning friends say things like “it’s just not fair” or “God gives special children to special people”. I understand the intent behind comments like these. And, I feel that saying something with a heart of love is better than saying nothing at all. Still, if they only knew how much I have learned – how much everyone could learn – from such a sweet, loving, happy person they would’ve said something different.

I fully believe God created Mikayla exactly the way He wanted her to be. I believe He gave her to me because I need to learn from her – not because I’m special in any way but because I’m judgmental and biased and impatient and unloving. Mikayla, like other children with Williams or any number of “disabilities”, was simply born with the gift of loving people. She loves anyone and everyone without bias or prejudice or judgement.

I’m pretty sure this is what God wants from all of us – to value people simply because He values them and not because of their accomplishments or appearance or wealth. I think He put Mikayla (and other children like her) into our lives to be an example – to show us how to be loving and kind and accepting to all people.

Not a mistake, not unfair, but a teacher and a blessing.


2 responses to “The Toddler Teacher

  1. Katie Kennedy January 28, 2012 at 12:05 PM

    I LOVE this! She is precious and her little sweet smile lights up the room! I love her personality and she is definitely a gift 🙂 love u guys!

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