Leg Pictures

Mikayla likes to draw…mostly on herself or the furniture or the walls. We have to be vigilant about putting away all writing utensils – her pen radar is highly sensitive and she will locate any pen within reach the moment you turn your head.

The other day I left a pen out and walked away for literally seven seconds. When I turned back around she had written all over her legs, from ankles to pull-up. I asked her what she was doing and her proud and giddy response was, “leg pictures!”

I couldn’t scold her because I was laughing and it’s against the rules to discipline a child while laughing at whatever it is they did. (Pretty sure I read that somewhere.) Not to mention, I AM the one who left the pen laying out. I simply took the pen, thankful that she only wrote on surfaces that wash, and wondered to myself if someday she will come home with a tattoo and proudly exclaim, “Mom, guess what! I got a leg picture!”


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