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A few weeks ago I posted that I wasn’t making New Year’s Resolutions since I never really finish them anyway. Well….I changed my mind. The “planner” in me took over and I’ve  actually set a few goals for 2012. I want to share them for two reasons: 1) to gain accountability and 2) to encourage you to stick to your goals for this year as well.

1. Lose Weight. I know – it’s on everyone’s resolution list, it’s been on mine for like 10 years. Well, this July I turn 30. Turning 30 seems like kind of a big deal. I want to enter the next decade being happy with who I am and not continuing to lose/gain the same 10 lbs.

2. Run 3 Races. I want to clarify right away that when I say “races” I DO NOT mean “marathons”… not even one marathon… not even one half of a marathon. I would like to run three short races just to get back into and then stay in the habit of running regularly. Plus, training for and running races is a great way to build camaraderie and fellowship with friends. Now I just need some friends to run these races with me. Volunteers???

3. Read 50 Books. Is 50 a random number? Maybe. I don’t really know where it came from. That’s basically one book a week. To some this may seem like a silly little number because they read about 50 books a month just for fun, not counting the 27 books per week they read for school/work. And to others, reading one book a week may seem outrageous and impossible. I like reading. “Like” doesn’t really seem to be a strong enough word. I’ve always been a reader but many times I get sucked into the NCIS marathon. Or, Criminal Minds is on and I can’t turn it off without seeing if they catch the serial killer or I won’t be able to sleep. Or, the stupidity of reality TV catches my full attention. You get the point. I’d rather spend my “lazy time” reading than with watching TV. Having the goal of reading a whole book each week will (hopefully) motivate me to turn off TV and pick up a book instead.

That’s it – just three goals for the year. I’ve broken them down into monthly tasks to help me stay focused (or to re-focus at the beginning of each new month). Since my birthday is in July it serves as a natural end date for Goal #1 and a beginning date for Goal #2. I also have a few extra goals in the back of my head that I may pick up at some point this year if these three are going well. Or, I may save them for next year. These are three goals that I want to focus on and actually FINISH in 2012.

Question: Do you have any goals for this year? If so, why not share them in the comments. We can help each other stay focused.

Jon Acuff, author and blogger and overall funny person, is my main inspiration for finishing goals in 2012. He created “Finish Year” and during the month of January is blogging on topics related to completing resolutions. Check out his blog to see his recent Finish Year posts.


4 responses to “Finish Year

  1. Ruth Smith Dammann January 9, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    I volunteer! As long as I don’t have to run another marathon AS LONG AS I LIVE, I’ll run with you.

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