Thoughts for a New Year: Dreams for our Children

This week brings with it a new beginning, a fresh start, a brand new year. With that, for me, also comes questions of how to make this year better than the last – how do I finally fulfill my resolutions? How do I balance being a wife and mom with the command to care for widows and orphans and to share the gospel?

I don’t really know.

But I wanted to share a few of these thoughts this week. Maybe you have the same questions. Maybe you already have answers (and want to share them with me).

Dreams for our Children

We all have dreams for our children. Maybe they will take over the family business or go to med school or maybe you just pray they don’t break too many bones as they run, skate and plank their way through high school. We all have expectations for our children’s futures and those ideals shape the way we teach them, the way we discipline them, the experiences we give them, the cultures we introduce to them.

What if our dreams for our children were that they love people, care for widows, feed the hungry, heal the sick, adopt the orphans and give to the poor? What if we didn’t dream of temporary dreams that only last in this life but rather dreams of eternal value? Would we teach our children about the AIDS crisis in Africa or the child soldiers in Uganda or the blessing of having clean water within our grasp? Would we volunteer at local shelters? Would we give of our excessive excess to feed the hungry and homeless in our community?

How would our day to day parenting change in 2012 if our dreams for our children were truly based on God’s desires instead of our desires?


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