Christmas: Prepare for Next Year

I hope everyone is preparing for a lovely Christmas celebration complete with friends, family and lots of stress-free holiday fun. Before you rip down all your Christmas decor on Sunday night, keep in mind that now is the best time to begin preparations for next year’s festivities. Here are four tips to get you started:

1. Take Note – Keep track of recipes you enjoyed. Make a note of things that worked (or didnʼt work). Take pictures of your house with all the decorations up – this way youʼll know exactly where things go next year.

2. Store Decorations Properly – Make sure your lights, garland, etc. are packed neatly to prevent damage and make unwinding them easy. Wrap breakables to keep them safe. Store ornaments in an ornament box with dividers (donʼt keep dozens of individual boxes). Label boxes clearly and be mindful of moisture, insects, etc. that may cause damage.

3. Update Address List – Make note of any addresses that changed. Remove/add names as needed.

4. Stock Up – Take advantage of after Christmas sales to replenish your wrapping supplies, purchase Christmas cards, maybe even a few gifts.

And, don’t forget about your Gift List. Learn more about using this year’s Gift List to make next year’s shopping easier – Gift Giving: The Easy Way.

Question: What are you most looking forward to this weekend?


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