Stuff Parents Say

A few days ago I caught myself saying some pretty weird stuff. In context, it all made sense – I was speaking as a mom. And, the reality is that being a parent changes a lot of things – including the number of times we say stupid things expecting it to make perfect sense.

You can’t have candy for breakfast.

Put baby Jesus down. We don’t play with him.

You need to get down. We don’t walk on the table.

Don’t go outside. It’s too cold to be out there naked.

We don’t give kisses to people in the store.

You have to wear something other than just boots. They don’t cover enough.

Please swallow your juice. It’s gross when it runs out of your mouth like that.

That was a great burp. Now what do you say?

Don’t touch the ornaments. Not with your feet either. Not with your head…or your back. Not with your nose.

Thank you for this leaf (or rock or stick or grass or acorn). It’s beautiful.

YEAH!! You pee-peed in the potty all by yourself!!

Before becoming a mother I would never have said any of these things. Having a child has changed a lot – things I say, how I think, what I read, what I do, how much I sleep…

And, those sweet hugs and kisses I get every day make all the changes worth it.

I know I’m not the only parent that talks nonsense to her kids. Share some of the silly things you’ve caught yourself saying.


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