Pay Attention

On Monday I wrote about a recent experience at the playground. Aside from being pushed down by another child, Mikayla had a blast. She LOVES running (not sure where she got that) so that’s mostly what she does at the playground. Here are some pictures of her actually playing:

You probably didn’t notice anything special about those pictures – other than they contain the most beautiful child in the world. As I was taking the pictures, however, I noticed something special. Something HUGE. The only picture I asked Mikayla to pose for was the first one. After that, she just kept looking at me and smiling this huge smile as if she was saying, “Is this worthy of a picture? Are you proud of what I’m doing right now? Do you see what I just accomplished?”

She would climb on something and then turn and look at me. I’d clap or wave or say good job and she’d move on to the next obstacle. And repeat. I had gone to the playground with my kindle thinking I’d let her play for about an hour while I read. After reading the same two sentences about 7 times I put the kindle away and got out the camera. She needed my attention. She needed me to take pictures. She needed to know that I thought she was amazing at sliding down the three-foot slide.

Kids notice. Even three-year olds notice how you spend your time and attention. Pay attention to what matters most.


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