Favorite Posts

This is my 100th post!

In honor of this blogging milestone I wanted to highlight a few of my favorite posts from the last few years. Some you may have already read, some may be new to you – either way I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Do Life!

I fully believe that we were created to “Do Life” with other people. Meaning that we as fallen, broken, beings need one another while we are on this journey of Life. I think this is even more true or more important for Christians. I’m not saying we should all move into a camp together and not let anyone else in. I’m just saying that we need each other in our daily walk – to uplift, to encourage, to help each other, to be an example of God’s love for a lost world. Continue Reading…

Dreams, Story, Magic

If I asked you to mention a place full of dreams, story and magic, what place would come to mind? A tropical beach? Paris? The Apple store? Disney World? … When you read a good book or watch a good movie what is it about the story that attracts you? If you tell a story about something that happened in your life, what makes the story worth telling? You probably aren’t going to call your friends to tell them a story about how you ate some cereal or vacuumed your house. A story worth telling has meaning, excitement, suspense, tragedy – it’s something memorable. It’s a story of dreams and magic!  Continue Reading…

Oh Happy Day!

…this beautiful child that kept me up half the night and at the moment has about 75 toys spread across the room is a living, breathing, walking, heart-beating miracle! Six months ago she had two holes in her heart that had not shown any improvement since birth. Today, she has two tiny holes that appear to be closing without intervention. Praise God! Continue Reading…

Unlikely Runners

…I’ve often felt that God has a sense of humor in the way He deals with His children. It seems that He likes putting us in situations that are WAY outside of our box. Maybe we learn more when we aren’t comfortable or in control. Maybe when our helping people causes us to sacrifice we receive greater blessing. Maybe He wants to bring us to a place that causes complete and total reliance on Him so that He receives the honor and glory for what is done. Maybe when He puts us into a situation that we would never have chosen for ourselves, it’s just a gentle reminder that He’s in charge of this thing called life. Continue Reading…

What If…?

I love the “what if” question! I love that when I ask myself “what if” I feel…”what if” is scary and sometimes painful and it stirs something inside that motivates me. What if I got off my rear and actually DID something to help others? What if I took a risk? What if I could teach my daughter about living a better story because I’m actually living a better story? Continue Reading…


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