Organizing Tip: Managing Coupons and Sales

Over the past two years I have become a “couponer”. This is not news to those of you who know me because I frequently talk about my money saving adventures. I would not call myself a “crazy coupon lady” or an “extreme couponer” but I have learned some shopping tricks along the way that save our family over 50% on our monthly grocery budget (compared to what we spent before couponing).

In my experience, the key to successful couponing is balance. There has to be a balance between the time I spend on gathering coupons and compiling my grocery list and the amount of money I save. I’ve written before about how I minimize my time spent on shopping and coupon preparation by only shopping at one store. If I only shop at one place, that’s only one ad I need to look through and only one stop on my shopping trip which greatly reduces the amount of time I have to set aside for buying groceries.

The most powerful weapon in a couponer’s war on spending is the store sale cycle. If you have a $1 coupon for an item that costs $5 then you’re still spending $4. BUT – if you wait until that item is 50% off AND use your $1 coupon then you’re only spending $1.50. That’s a significant price difference.

Jenny Martin from Southern Savers started a video series today about the basics of couponing. She talks about the sale cycle in more detail in her first video and also offers some additional tips for new couponers. Watch the video here. And if you’re new to Southern Savers, browse her site a bit. There is a wealth of information about couponing plus the weekly sales ad from all your favorite stores – complete with deal ideas and coupon match-ups.

To learn more about couponing and saving money on groceries I would encourage you to attend a Southern Savers workshop. Jenny does a great job explaining the world of coupons and store sales in a way that isn’t scary and overwhelming.

Do you coupon? What tips have you learned to minimize the time you spend on shopping preparation?


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