New Month Resolutions

Is it really September? What happened to 2011? Where blogging is concerned, I have failed miserably this year! The good news is that in every single other area of my life I have been exceptionally dedicated and produced stellar results.

Ok, ok…that’s a lie.

Last week I reviewed my “New Year’s Resolutions” for this year. I started this year with 7 goals – just 7 things I wanted to accomplish. A couple months ago I marked one off as “HA! that’s not going to happen” but I could still work on the other 6. 6 out of 7 – that’s pretty good, right. As of today I have made substantial progress on a grand total of 0 resolutions. I’ve taken a few small steps here and there but nothing of great substance.

Soooo…why am I such a failure???

I don’t really think I’m a failure. But I do think I could’ve approached my goals for the year in a more productive way. By telling myself I had a “whole year” to accomplish something I was unknowingly giving myself an excuse – a reason to procrastinate. So, I only lost 3 pounds this month. It’s only February, I’ve got the whole year. Guess what – now it’s September and that kind of thinking has gotten me NO WHERE.

I’ve modified my goal-accomplishing approach a bit. With four months left in 2011, I can still work on my resolutions (at least 6 of them – that 7th one really isn’t going to happen). Clearly, the “goals that span the course of the whole year” approach doesn’t work well for me. I need smaller steps that span the course of a whole week – or maybe even a day.

Rather than saying I want to loose a certain amount of weight this year, I’m saying, “this week I’m going to eat right and exercise 4 days”. For me, that is a much more meaningful and attainable goal. Rather than saying I want to start preschool with Mikayla, I  created a “lesson plan” for the week with specific activities/times/goals/etc. This is specific and action oriented – rather than vague and open ended.

With specific actions and shorter time-lines I’m hoping to salvage most of my 2011 resolutions. I’m hoping to create healthy habits and routines that make my day to day life more meaningful and fulfilling for the next four months – and beyond.

Am I the only one trying to fit a whole year’s worth of resolutions into the last four months?


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