Story Telling

Transparency. Openness. Honesty. Things that are essential to any meaningful relationship. Things that are essential to doing life together with others as we are designed to do. The trouble I have with these things is that I don’t know where the boundaries lie. Just how open and honest should I be at the grocery store check out or during Sunday morning hand shaking? How do you exhibit transparency without unnecessarily airing all your dirty laundry? How do you balance honesty with privacy?

For example, I have a relative (she won’t be reading this blog but I won’t mention her name just in case) who openly shares her “digestive troubles” with just about everyone she speaks to. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays – you name it, if the family is together we will all know about her latest bathroom adventure. In my opinion, this is taking openness a bit too far.

One thing I do know is that it starts with sharing your story. We all have struggles, fears, doubts, weaknesses, sin, loss, pain. These things make us human and sharing them makes us relatable. Sharing your story tells others they aren’t alone and sheds a bit of light on the path that someone else is walking behind you.

To that end I want to share a bit of my story. There aren’t a lot of children born with Williams Syndrome. But there are many, many mothers who experience a story similar to mine when their children are diagnosed with Downs Syndrome or Autism or any number of illnesses/disorders/syndromes.

I need to let others know that they aren’t alone, that it’s ok to feel loss and pain and grief. These feelings are real and they are justified but they will not last forever.

I’ll post more on this in a few days. In the mean time, a quick video. I recently went through all of our old video footage. Most of what I remember from Mikayla’s first year were tears and sleeplessness. I’m thankful for these videos of happy times. I’m thankful for many happy days that lie ahead.


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