What If…?

I love the “what if” question! I love that when I ask myself “what if” I feel…”what if” is scary and sometimes painful and it stirs something inside that motivates me. A few months ago, I probably would’ve felt differently. That was before…

Before I started asking some what if questions…

What if I got off my rear and actually DID something to help others?

What if I took a risk?

What if I could teach my daughter about living a better story because I’m actually living a better story?

What if instead of sitting and waiting for God to magically reveal His specific plans for my life, I just got up and did something that God has already instructed Christians in general to do?

What if I chose to love people – without condition or judgement?

And where did all this “what if-ing” get me? Right smack in the middle of a scary, risky, sometimes painful story that is all about helping others and definitely doesn’t involve sitting and waiting. And, I LOVE it. Not something I would’ve chosen for myself, not something I think is fun (in the traditional sense), but definitely full of adventure, excitement and the stuff of better stories.

For more about “what if”, read Donald Miller’s post – The Single Most Powerful Question You Can Ask.

What “What If” questions can you ask today?


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