Not Another One!

Well, Mikayla is working on her third round of antibiotics since the end of January. She’s had a “persistent ear infection” that either won’t go away or keeps coming back. On the plus side, it doesn’t seem to bother her much. Other than not sleeping as well as usual, she hasn’t had any side effects from the infection.

The bad news is that if it doesn’t clear up this time we have to visit the ENT. Not that anything is wrong with the ENT, I just dread adding another doctor to our rotating plan of doctor visits. Last year (about this same time) we saw him because she had fluid on her ears that wouldn’t go away. At that time, as long as she was passing the hearing tests, he let it go and it did eventually clear up. I’m hoping he’ll do the same this year rather than insist on tubes right off the bat.
We go back to re-check her ears on April 6. Please pray that the infection and fluid clears up in these next four weeks.

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