Only a Mother…

As I walked through the store today, pushing the buggy and casually browsing the isles…with a hand (not belonging to me) in my mouth pointing out my teeth and another hand (again, not mine) poking me in the eye…I realized that there are things a mother does/puts up with that no other person in their right mind would do.

Before becoming a mother I had never had someone else’s finger in my mouth (except the dentist, and he’s paid to do that) or my eye or my ear or my nose. I had never had my shirt pulled down to an inappropriate level while in public. I had never carried a screaming child through the grocery store while calmly putting items in my cart and pretending to be oblivious to the outburst. Before becoming a mother, I had only played patty-cake about 50 times in my whole life – now I play patty-cake about 50 times a day. Before becoming a mother, I didn’t get excited when another person ate or drank from a straw or counted to two. I had never seen Elmo’s World or Baby Einstein. I read books with more than two or three words per page. I could walk from room to room in my house without someone following me and pulling on my pants. Before becoming a mother, I never woke up during the night because someone needed me. I never had to tell someone not to eat things off the floor.

Now that I am a mother and my child is walking and talking and exploring her world, I have experienced all of these things and so much more. Now I have the joy of seeing my sweet little girl learn and grow. I get hugs and kisses all day long. I get to look down and see hands stretching up while she says “me” “me” (which means “hold me” – we’re still working on the “hold” part). If I’m not paying 100% of my attention to her, she will put her hands on my checks and turn my face to hers, put her nose on my nose and say “hi”. I have the privilege of teaching her to say new words and to put her clothes on properly and to be nice to the puppies. Every morning I get to cuddle with my sweet baby after she finishes her breakfast but isn’t quite ready to start the day (mornings are tough, she takes after her mama). I get to laugh when she’s funny and glow with pride when someone tells me how sweet she is. I have the honor of teaching her about Jesus and His love for her which is so much more than I can even comprehend.

I’ve learned that along with all the annoying, gross, weird and tiring parts of motherhood comes laughter, joy, excitement and love. I LOVE being a mama.

That doesn’t mean I plan on having more any time soon…just to clarify.


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