Nothing Like a Clean Closet…

If you’ve been reading our blog you know that one of my “resolutions” for this year is to get things organized around the house – places where no one goes and no one knows about except me, places where I’ve hid junk for way too long. Last week I cleaned out our kitchen junk drawer and every time I’ve opened that drawer since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the neatness. It’s a little refresher throughout the day…and this is just a drawer. Imagine how good a clean closet would feel!
So, this week I tackled the closet in our office/guest room. It is the closet where we shove things that we aren’t sure where else they should go. As I started pulling things out I was amazed at how much stuff was actually in there – stuff that we don’t need or even use. Those of you who know me know that I have a problem with bags. I say “problem”, Mike says “addiction”. I LOVE bags: purses, diaper bags, totes (you never know when you might need a good tote). Anyway, I’m aware of my “problem” and am trying to overcome it. So, when I found an adorable diaper bag (that I’ve been eyeing for a while) on sale I decided I needed to purge some of the old bags to make room for a new one. Not to mention, sell some of the old ones to pay for the new one. Hence, the need to clean out this closet.
I wish I had taken a before picture but I already had everything pulled out before I remembered and I wasn’t about to shove everything back in there. You can get an idea of what it must’ve looked like by how much I took out of it. The digital camera box and the video camera box and the phone in a plastic bag were moved to the basement for storage. I probably could throw these boxes away but my dad always kept them and so I feel like I’m supposed to.
These are the bags. I contemplated even putting this picture on here because it’s somewhat embarrassing, maybe. But in an effort to be open and honest, here ya go…
That’s 4 diaper bags, 2 totes, 2 purses, a backpack, a duffel, a notebook, and an assortment of toiletry type bags. Oh and a lunch box. I know, pretty sad. A few of the bags I’m selling, the rest I’ll probably donate so if you see something you like, it’s yours. 🙂
Here’s what the closet looks like now…
Obviously, keeping a few bags, but this is way better!
Notice the scrap booking stuff in the upper left corner (three boxes plus a huge bag of pictures and such). That’s another project in itself. Hopefully I’ll get to that later this year.
And there you have it. Now when I need something out of this closet I don’t have to brace myself for an avalanche of bags. I can get to exactly what I need quickly and easily close the door back behind me. Aaahhhhh! Plus, some really cute bags are being given away to people who will actually use them.
So, get to it. Clean out those closets. You’ll feel better when you do. And, for those of you who read this and think, “Chrystal and her organizing are getting on my nerves. I like my junky closets just they way they are” (and you know who you are). Just tell me when and where and I will come HELP YOU organize your closets too! Then we can all be organized together.

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