Christmas is here! All the parties, events, performances, shopping, wrapping, cooking will soon come to an end. If this was all there was to Christmas we would be left feeling empty and somehow unsatisfied on December 26th. Thankfully, this is not all. Thankfully, many years ago we were given the greatest Gift when God gave us His Son to provide salvation and a means to restore a lost and broken people to Himself. Because of this Gift, we have love, we have hope, we have peace in a world full of uncertainty.

We received a Christmas letter in the mail today from a family member. The closing paragraph of the letter included this sentence: “We come into this holiday season aware and grateful for the life we have been given.” When I first read this I thought, “aware” what a strange word to use. But, if you think about it, how often are we UNaware of the life we have been given? My answer to that question is most of the time. In this season, the time in which we celebrate the birth of our Savior, we should strive to be very aware of this Gift. How would our celebration of Christmas be different if we were truly aware of the life we have been given?
My heart is heavy this week as I think about friends who are living through tragic events that have happened over this past year. We have several friends who are spending this Christmas in a hospital with sick or dying family members, friends who are facing uncertainty over the next few weeks because of a recent cancer diagnosis, friends facing financial difficulties. I pray that they are aware of God’s Gift and that they are aware of the peace and hope for the future that we have in Christ.
I pray that I will be aware and grateful for the life I have been given as I celebrate Christmas this year.

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