Lunch Time

Some of you may have heard…MIKAYLA IS FINALLY EATING!!! We are slightly excited about this. It has been such a battle, and it is by no means over, but we have made enormous progress in just the last week or so. We switched her over to whole milk about a month ago with the hope that she would get hungry and be willing to eat. I guess it worked. In just the last few days she’s started actually eating her own meals instead of just a few bites here and there. She still won’t touch a spoon but anything she can pick up with her fingers she’s willing to eat.
For lunch today she had raisins, green beans and pork. And, let me say, I know that sitting in front of the tv (we were watching The Little Mermaid) is not the ideal place to eat. But, today was just “one of those days”. I’m not feeling all that great and if she’s happy and willing to eat, then bring on the tv. Here are a few photos…

Notice how she just pushes the green beans around. She did eventually eat them but I think it was because all the other food was gone.


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