Dinner Time

If you missed my Lunch Time post, be sure to read it first. It will explain a bit more. Needless to say, meal time is a big deal for us right now. For dinner tonight we had chicken, sweet potatoes and more raisins. Here are a few photos and there’s a quick video on the left.

And, yes, she is laying on the floor in a pile of food while she’s eating. The key here is that SHE’S EATING! You know that feeling you get on Thanksgiving when you just want to lay down because you’ve eaten so much yet the food is so good you have to eat more? I think Mikayla experienced that for the first time tonight. We’re obviously still working on keeping the food on the plate. The puppies really appreciate this learning to eat process. We’re just happy she’s eating. The food can go anywhere she wants it to go as long as it ends up in her belly!

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