Saving 60% on Groceries…WHAT?!?!

First of all, let me say, I LOVE shopping at Publix!! It is so clean and neat and shinny. Plus, the employees don’t act like they hate life, they are actually friendly and helpful! My favorite thing about couponing is that I can now grocery shop at Publix (and still save a ton) and I never have to set foot in Walmart again.

Now then….My goal when I first started couponing was to cut my weekly grocery bill in half. I won’t tell you what that number is because I’m truly ashamed at how much I used to spend each week on groceries. At first, I didn’t see a huge savings because while I was saving money on the things I needed right then, I was also building my stockpile for things I would need in the future. I’ve been doing this now for right at 3 months. Last month, I reached my goal – I had cut my weekly grocery bill in half. That’s right – HALF!! It doesn’t matter what you spend on groceries, cutting it in half is SWEET!!
This week, as I made my list I was slightly discouraged because I anticipated spending a little bit more than I did the past several weeks. The main reason is that Mikayla is FINALLY eating. So, I can’t just give her milk. I have to have fruit and cheerios and cheese and whatever else I think she’ll eat. There aren’t a lot of coupons floating around for fruit. Not to mention, it’s not really the best season for fruit (except for apples) so it’s probably going to be a bit more expensive.
I get to the checkout and, if I’m being honest, I hadn’t really paid attention to what my total should be but I expected it to be around what I’d been paying, maybe a bit more. After everything was scanned, my total was another 1/3 LESS than my goal amount!! WOOHOO!! Another 1/3 less…how awesome is that! I purchased what food I needed (some I had already stockpiled) for 5 dinners, cereal, 2 gallons of whole milk, fresh fruit, plus a few stockpile items and gatorade for my hubby (a splurge, but he doesn’t get many splurges so we let him keep this one) and still spent LESS.
How, you ask?? The stockpile. The past few weeks of stockpiling beef, chicken, pasta and peanut butter are paying off. And, since I’ve also stockpiled toiletries, paper goods, cleaning supplies and diapers, I don’t have to spend money on those things from week to week. I am saving about 60% on my weekly grocery bill compared to what I was spending before I started couponing. That includes what I spend on stockpile items…toothpaste, diapers, etc. Who knows, maybe I’ll see an even bigger savings in the weeks to come.
I hope this is encouraging to those of you who are couponing – it does take some effort and at times it’s hard work, but it is sooooo worth it! Think of all you could do with 60% of your weekly grocery budget that would be better than spending it on food – pay bills, savings, vacation, charity. For those of you who are still skeptical about the whole couponing thing, maybe you should just give it a try. Do it for a month and see what happens. You may just turn right into a “crazy coupon lady”.

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