Waiting’s for Babies

Isn’t that what parents say to their kids when they want them to stop something? “You’re a big boy now and only babies pitch a fit in the store.” I guess that’s also what kids say to their parents when they don’t want to do something…”Napping is for babies” or “Taking a bath is for babies” or “Vegetables are for babies” Mike and I joke often that Mikayla already feels that “sleeping is for babies”, even though she’s only 18 months old. Of course, she can’t say those exact words but she gets her point across.

Well, I say, waiting is for babies!! I hate waiting…in any aspect of life. I’m so spoiled by a life of instant everything. I’m not sure I could’ve survived before internet, remote controls, microwaves and Minute Rice. It seems as though we’ve come so far in a year, regarding Mikayla’s medical/physical situation. About this time last year, we went through our fair share of waiting. Waiting for blood tests, waiting for urine tests, waiting for ultrasounds, x-rays and EKGs, waiting for Mikayla to gain weight, waiting for medicine to work, waiting to see if she’d have to have a feeding tube, waiting to see if she’d EVER SLEEP. The answer to the last one is no, by the way, we aren’t waiting anymore, we’ve just accepted the fact.
Those days are barely a memory – thank God! But I still remember what it feels like to just wait. In just the last few hours I’ve read two CaringBridge journal updates from two dear friends who are just waiting and my heart breaks for them. I know they feel helpless, powerless, afraid, maybe even a bit angry and frustrated as they just wait for the doctors or the latest tests or treatments or results. Will you join me in lifting them up in prayer? Prayer for the doctors, nurses, other medical staff. Prayer for their family members who are the patients…I can’t imagine how hard waiting must be for them. Prayer for peace as they wait.

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