The Switch Has Been Made

No, I’m not talking about coupons…for once. Mikayla has officially switched to whole milk!! For the last week, I’ve been slowly weaning her off of Pediasure by mixing her Pediasure with whole milk. Each day I mix a little less Pediasure with a little more milk. For the last 24 hours she’s been drinking straight milk!

She’s transitioned wonderfully! She either doesn’t know the difference or likes the milk better. She’s been drinking more the past couple days than she has in a while. And, the exciting part, today I purchased two gallons of milk (Mikayla’s food supply for the week) for $5!! It was so nice to spend $5 versus the $45 we’ve been spending every week since December. Helps the grocery budget about as much as couponing!! (I couldn’t resist a coupon reference.)

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