18 Months

It’s hard to believe Mikayla is already 18 months old. There were many, many days – especially during the first 8 to 12 months – that I felt like time passed SOOOOOO slowly. We knew from the beginning that the first year would be tough but that it would get better after that. 12 months was sort of the goal or the “finish line” we had to look forward to. During the many sleepless nights or the many days of fighting just to get Mikayla to eat, I thought I’d literally go crazy before we reached the 1 year mark. And yet, here we are at 18 months and it seems like time has flown by!

As it turns out, the doctors were right about 12 months being the turning point. Mikayla is today the complete opposite of who she was a year ago. We still have our challenges (like sleeping and eating) but for the most part she is a happy, friendly, talkative little ball of intense, non-stop energy. Last year at this time we were seeing 6 doctors on a monthly or bi-monthly basis – a doctor appointment a week for about 10 months. Now, we don’t have 6 doctor appointments scheduled for the next year.
We went to the doctor today for her 18 month check up. Her pediatrician was thrilled with how well she’s doing. She even demonstrated her tantrum-throwing ability…further evidence that she’s right on track with most other 18 month olds. Socially and verbally she’s doing great. Her height and weight have finally reached the middle range on a Williams Syndrome growth chart (she’s still well under the curve on a typical growth chart but that’s expected). She still only weighs 19 lbs. I was so looking forward to putting her in a forward facing car seat…maybe by Christmas. 🙂
The most exciting thing about our visit today is that we got the go ahead to wean her off of Pediasure!! Mikayla’s been “eating” Pediasure as her main source of nutrition since December of last year. Because of her unwillingness to eat and the difficultly she’s had gaining weight, her doctors wanted her on nutrient rich formula. Now that she’s out of danger with her weight and even starting to eat actual food, we can transition her over to whole milk. Our grocery bill we be cut by about $40 a week (that’s like a car payment). WOOHOO!!
Of course, this is assuming she’ll be willing to try something new. So far our experience has been that she’s extremely picky and defensive about her food. We’ll try weaning her slowly – mixing milk with Pediasure in increasing amounts over the next week or so. Hopefully she won’t notice the transition. We have to take her back to the doctor in December to check her weight just to make sure she’s still gaining after being taken off the Pediasure. If her interest in table food keeps improving I don’t expect gaining weight will be a problem.
Now if we can just find a pharmacy within a 50 mile radius that isn’t out of the flu vaccine…

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