Babies…of the four-legged variety

Meet Andy and Emma….
Andy is a 75 lb. Lab/Shar-Pei mix. He is extremely active – I’ve always said he was my ADD child – so there isn’t an ounce of fat on him. 75 lbs. of pure muscle (and some wrinkly skin). He does a very good job of keeping us safe and barking at all the deadly, dangerous things that threaten our family, such as the wind or birds or sunlight. He is the biggest chicken!
Emma is a 65 lb. Lab mix (we don’t know what). She is the exact opposite of active. She goes outside long enough to do her business and then she’s had enough exercise for the day. She hardly ever barks or whines unless it’s time for food. If it came right down to it, she’d probably be very protective – if she got up long enough to know she needed to be protective. She’s actually very sweet and does a good job of keeping Andy busy so I don’t have to.
At 5:00 this morning I woke up because Andy was crouching OVER MY FACE and growling. My first thought was that he’d finally snapped and he was going to eat me. Before Mikayla was born, he was very much my baby. Before Mikayla was born, I’d be 100% confident in saying Andy wouldn’t hurt/bite/growl at anyone. Since Mikayla, he’s very jealous and he doesn’t care for her very much. He is getting better but we still have to watch him. I thought the stress of the new baby had finally gotten to him and he was going to attack me. Then I realized he was in more of a protective stance, crouching just about an inch from my head with his 75 lb. body, so I thought maybe something was in the house.
Then I touched him. He was literally shaking all over. I realized he was afraid. My big, giant, 75 lb. muscle dog was on my FACE because he was afraid. Our power was flickering on and off. I guess he was hearing all of the appliances or whatever come on and then go off and it scared him. Of course, I couldn’t push him off. The more I tried the lower he crouched. Mike got him to move from my head to the space right between our heads, still shaking and growling.
Then I realized I still couldn’t move. I looked down and Emma was laying completely on the lower half of my body. She was scared too, apparently. I think Mike realized it was a lost cause and he moved to the couch to sleep the last few hours of the night. Andy relaxed immediately when Mike got up. I guess he realized he wasn’t going to have to move. He laid down as close as he could get to me on one side. Emma laid down as close as she could get to me on the other side. And there we waited, unable to move, for the power to come back on.
I hope we don’t ever have a real emergency, like a fire or tornado. I won’t be able to get out of bed for our big giant dogs.

One response to “Babies…of the four-legged variety

  1. Godfreyhouse September 24, 2009 at 1:37 PM

    Your next furniture make over may need to be a King size bed. If Mikayla should ever be afraid of the power being out…you'll need more room. haha

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