Do Life!

I fully believe that we were created to “Do Life” with other people. Meaning that we as fallen, broken, beings need one another while we are on this journey of Life. I think this is even more true or more important for Christians. I’m not saying we should all move into a camp together and not let anyone else in. I’m just saying that we need each other in our daily walk – to uplift, to encourage, to help each other, to be an example of God’s love for a lost world.

I could reference the church in Acts. The Bible talks about God’s people eating together in their homes and having all things in common and anywhere they saw a need they sold what they had to meet the needs of others. In our world today, this has deteriorated a bit. Yes, we eat together in our homes, sometimes. Yes, we meet the needs of others, but not when it keeps us from meeting our own “needs”. Mostly, we go to church on Sunday and maybe out to lunch and then the rest of the week, we live our lives disconnected from one another.

So how do you juggle going to work, family time, grocery shopping, bathing the kids, cleaning the toilet, and whatever else the day requires with spending time with other people outside the walls of your own home? I don’t know. I know that there is no way I could invite people into my home on a daily basis without hiring either a nanny or house cleaner and a dog trainer…or without God’s mercy on my sanity. But, maybe that’s not what I’m supposed to do. Maybe Doing Life isn’t necessarily about physically being together. It is sometimes, of course. But maybe if I can be open and transparent and loving and non-judgemental to those I come into contact with throughout the natural course of my day then they can be open, transparent, loving and non-judgemental to me and BOOM we have a relationship that allows us to Do Life together. We can then pray for each other or pray together for others. We can work together. We can eat together – when the opportunity arrises. We can interact with each other on a daily basis naturally, without having to manufacture opportunities. We can demonstrate God’s love to a lost world. But it all starts with being open, transparent, loving and non-judgemental.

Let me be transparent right now and say that is really hard for me to do. I form quick and strong opinions about people I come into contact with and whether its true or not I don’t change those opinions easily. I put up barriers to keep people from getting too close, afraid that they might see my flaws and weaknesses. And when I come into contact with a stranger my first thought is always that they may be an ax murderer and I just want to get away safely…or that they have Swine Flu and might infect me. (not an exaggeration, sadly)

There are several times in my life that stand out strongly as times that I was blessed to truly Do Life together with other people. In these seasons it wasn’t physically being in the same place that made us share so much of who we were with each other. We truly loved and cared for one another – with all our flaws and weaknesses and failures. And, because of that were were open and transparent. It was safe to “be yourself” because we knew we would be loved and accepted for it. We shared openly about who we were and where we had been. We prayed together and for each other. We learned from each other. We helped each other, we stood up for each other. We were truly a family.

As a stay at home mom, it is very difficult to have interaction with grown ups on a daily basis. I Do Life with my daughter. We read and watch Elmo and talk about the puppies and the sentence I say most every single day is, “Don’t eat that.” I’m just trying to figure out how to Do Life in this season of Mommyhood. Who do I Do Life with? Who do I impact on a daily basis? Who impacts me? Not sure yet. But, until I figure it out, I can be open, transparent, loving and non-judgemental toward people I come into contact with. And, who knows, maybe they’ll do the same toward me. Then…BOOM!


5 responses to “Do Life!

  1. Godfreyhouse September 23, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    It's a blessing to read your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I totally understand the Mommyhood connection. The first time I had an adult in my house I talked to her as if it was you. If even said “moo cow” LOL Who did I “DO LIFE” with?….you. And now look how God has blessed. I love you.

  2. Ruth Dammann September 23, 2009 at 11:13 PM

    Love reading this! I'll have to walk around and wait for the “boom” to happen now. Thanks for sharing your insight (this mommy appreciates it!)

  3. Elizabeth September 24, 2009 at 8:56 AM

    Aww Chrystal I needed that so badly!! And man, I could go on and on and on about Admissions and all the lessons I learned working there. I can truly say I would not be the person I am today without you guys in my life- you taught me have to love without expectation- non-judgmentally but with a pure love that comes only from Jesus! You were my family, my stronghold my first two years of school 🙂 There are few people I acknowledge as making an impact on my life and You, Blake, Stacie, Eric, and Ashleigh are at the top of the list oh maybe even Josh too lol! I love you sooo much and miss you! Praying for you 🙂

    Your little sis,


    PS I still have that sweet Picture you and Blake drew me for my birthday three years ago, i love so hard every time I look at it!

  4. Rhonda Shaw September 24, 2009 at 4:03 PM

    Chrystal, It was wonderful reading this and remembering the times you “Did Life” with one member or another of our family. Right now, I'm sitting in a hospital room, “Doing Life” with my wonderful husband of 36 years. This is not what we would have chosen for this time in our life, but it is what our Lord has chosen for us, and we want to bless every single person that walks into this room for whatever reason. May the Lord help us to be open,transparent, loving and non-judgmental! And may the Lord bless you and your precious family!

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