What?! No Coupons?

I just found out that there will be no coupons in this Sunday’s paper due to the holiday. This is very sad news for me and my fellow couponers. Thankfully holidays always bring big sales and big sales mean sale papers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself on Sunday afternoon.

A little background for anyone who doesn’t understand why a lack of coupons would sadden me…I mean, who looks at the coupons anyway right? That’s what I used to think too. Last month I discovered couponing and my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of free shopping! A friend at our church started couponing earlier this year to try to figure out a way to save money on their family grocery bill. She’s learned so much and been so successful at it, she was kind enough to teach a class so the rest of us could save money too. I had no idea there was so much free (or almost) stuff available. It does take a little time, but the savings is well worth the effort.
As a stay at home mom, this is one way I can contribute to the health of our family finances. Over the past three years we have gone from two, full-time incomes with no children to having a child (who requires more than the average number of doctor visits and special formula that costs about $50 a week) with only one full-time income and one part-time income. Couponing allows me to cut our weekly grocery bill. As for the time – I look at it as a second part-time job (although it doesn’t take THAT much time). I’m home most days anyway so if I can take a few hours a week to better plan my shopping and hunt for bargains it is well worth it!
All you need is the internet and a Sunday paper! If you’d like to know more about couponing, you should not ask me. 🙂 I’m definitely still learning and should not be teaching anyone about it right now. But, I can point you in the right direction. There are several links down the left side of this page that share a wealth of information. Or, I’m sure my friend would love to continue sharing her story if you’d like one on one teaching.
Happy Shopping!

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