Where Have We Been All Year?

I realized last night that it had been just over seven months since I’d posted an update on Mikayla. Rather than just posting on Facebook like I usually do, I decided to start a blog. So, here it is…the Murphy Family blog.
In starting this blog, I went through all my old Facebook posts and copied them over. As I read through some of them I could see God’s mercy and provision in my life – preparing me for the role He has placed me in today – long before I even realized what was happening. It’s so amazing to look back and see God’s hand in our lives – to see things that we didn’t have a clue about back then and to realize how all the pieces fit together now. If you want to see what I’m talking about, and have a few minutes to read, read my post from 2007 called Seasons Of Life. Then read my post from last summer called Isaiah 55:9.
I guess I haven’t given an update on Mikayla in so long because she’s doing so well. That and we’ve been busy. In March I began serving as the Children’s Director for our church. At first I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to devote much time to the Children’s Ministry – I’m pretty sure that concern was unnecessary. πŸ™‚ I have loved every minute of it! I serve with a staff of amazing people and it is truly a joy just to be around them doing life and ministry together. It has also provided an outlet for me – a place to feel needed and productive outside of “mommy world”. If not for that, I think I’d be pulling my hair out by now. Don’t get me wrong, I love mommy world. But, there’s only so much peek-a-boo and patty cake you can play before you go crazy.
Mike has been busy with work – as always. Such is the life of a VIPGift employee. On top of that we’ve done some upgrading to our house. By “we” I mean “Mike”. Well, actually, I painted one room so technically “we” is correct. Mike has painted our bedroom and totally re-done our bathroom. Most recently, we had to gut our entire basement and rebuild from the block up. The family who owned this house before us had finished the basement area to use as a living room/den. But, they didn’t seal the block first. So, we had A LOT of water damage. It turned out to be even more than we realized. I’m glad we were able to have all the work done – it was pretty nasty down there. All that’s left is the carpet, which is scheduled to be installed on Friday. It will be nice to have our living space back so we don’t have to hang out on the futon all day.
Back to Mikayla – the reason for this post – she’s doing great! Since my last update, we’ve continued to have good doctor reports. We saw her cardiologist in April and he was thrilled with how well she was doing. We no longer see the GI doctor. We only see the eye doctor once a year, just for check ups. When we saw him in January or February (I can’t remember) he felt everything looked good with her eyes. He had been concerned when we saw him last summer, but this time he felt all was normal. We will only see the Orthopedist once a year. We saw him in February to check for scoliosis. She doesn’t have it and her spine looked fine. We’ll continue to see him yearly to monitor her arm but shouldn’t ever face any issue there. The geneticist is pleased with her development, we don’t have to see her as often anymore. Basically, we’ve gone from having 3 – 5 doctor appointments a month to having 3 – 5 appointments a year. Such a relief!!
Mikayla has been attending Siskin 2 days a week since January. For those of you who don’t know, Siskin is an organization that cares for children with special needs – everything from therapy to day care. She was seeing the physical therapist once a week but that has been reduced to once a month because she’s doing so well. They are all thrilled with her mobility and overall development. She started walking…maybe last month. (As a first time mom, you’d think I’d know the exact day my child started walking, but we have too many other things to keep track of.) She’s so proud of herself and loves to be on the move. From the time her eyes open until the time she unwillingly goes to sleep she is in constant motion (lots of fun for me).
There is really only one issue we are dealing with right now and that is her eating. She is off of a bottle but still only “eats” her formula (from a sippy cup). She refuses all baby food. She will eat little pieces of stuff that she can put in her own mouth (whether food or not) but not enough to gain any nutritional value. The feeding battle continues…
She is such a happy, friendly baby – a huge change from those first few months. Everyone she comes into contact with comments on how happy she seems. She is quite the princess – she must always be the center of attention. Even in the store, if there is an adult nearby who doesn’t acknowledge her she will yell at them to get their attention. She will say “No, no” before doing something she isn’t supposed to do and then watch to see if we react. She loves Elmo and her puppies – although they are still unsure of her. She will raise her shirt up if you ask her where her belly is so you can tickle it. She tries to whistle. She loves to make noises and tries to mimic any noise you make to her. She loves to play in water. She “talks” non-stop. Some words are actually words and then some words are Mikayla-words that no one else knows. She’s very active, all the time. She already likes tech gadgets – the computer, a cell phone – anything shiny with buttons. One of her absolutely favorite things is a mirror! No joke – she loves to look at herself – I said she was quite the princess. πŸ™‚
I could go on and on but lunch is calling me. Hopefully it won’t be another seven months before I give everyone an update. Thank you all for your love and prayers,

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