Salt and Manure – Originally Written Fall of 2007

I attended a seminar yesterday for the Truth Project. The Truth Project is a small group study developed by Del Tackett at Focus on the Family. The speaker used an illustration that painted a very vivid picture of what being “salt to the world” might mean. So, I wanted to share it…

He said that in ancient times (I don’t know how ancient, that’s just what he said) people used manure as fuel for their fires. Apparently manure is flammable – who knew! In order to make the manure burn brighter and hotter and longer, they added salt to it. “Added” meaning they really mixed it up – not that they just threw the salt into the fire near the manure. So the salt, when mixed in with the manure, made the manure a better fuel source.

For the purpose of this illustration, lets say the manure symbolizes the world – after all, that doesn’t take much imagination these days – and the salt symbolizes Christians. If the salt is separated from the manure, it serves no purpose. I believe the same is true of Christians who completely separate themselves from the world around them.

Please understand that I am not saying Christians should live LIKE the world. Absolutely not! Christians should be so radically different that the lost and hurting take notice and wonder why. (“Different” referring to the love of God that flows through us into the lost and hurting and not necessarily referring to the way we dress or what music we sing – but that’s another story.)

As Christians, if we want to have a positive impact on the people around us – what Christ commands us to do – we must engage them. We must touch them and surround ourselves with them if we expect them to see Christ. We MUST view the “manure” as God does – as His lost, needy, desperate creation in search of their Father.


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