More Good News from the Docs – Originally Written January 30, 2009

In December I posted that we were re-doing Mikayla’s swallowing study. Well, she passed!!! Two months ahead of schedule – which means her muscle tone is improving more than originally anticipated. We also were successfull in taking her off of the special formula…no more protein allergy!!

Last week we saw her GI doctor again and we are now transitioning her off of her reflux medicine. It’s about a 9 week process but so far so good. Assuming all goes well once she’s off the medicine, we won’t have to go back to the GI doc!!! One less appointment each month. YEAH!!

Overall, Mikayla’s doctors and physical therapist are really impressed. She’s doing so well socially and physically. “Dada” is the word of choice but she does say “Mama” when she’s crying or wants to be picked up. This week she started pushing up on her hands and knees. It will not be much longer before she’s crawling. This is very exciting but I also dread it a little…Mikayla is quite the active child. She never has a moment of stillness. I’m sure that will only increase once she’s mobile. 🙂

She is still gaining weight steadily. Unfortunately, since we had to moniter her food so closely before, she doesn’t do so well with spoon feeding now. She likes to grab the food and play with it but she doesn’t want it in her mouth. I did give her a little taste of ice cream the other day and she rather liked it. She’ll figure it out sooner or later.

b hhb sw k vgf,m.mfv,;ih;8jkf,kllm jt – Mikayla was helping. She likes to hit things that make noise…such as the keyboard.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. I’ll post some pics soon, I haven’t had a chance to do that in a while.

Much love,
Mike, Chrystal and Mikayla


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